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Professional Manuscript Services

You don't have to be a writer to be a published author

We can edit your book, proofread it, design the book and cover, and prepare your book with professional graphics and layout.

Do you have an idea for a book?
Take it to the next level and see it published

We do editing, proofreading, layout, research, revisions, graphic arts, manuscript critiquing, technical writing, cover design, scanning, typesetting, word processing, MS Word templates, troubleshooting, file conversions, PDF files, E-books, photo editing, or anything needed to get your book into print. 

  Fiction, Non-fiction, Cookbooks, Text books, Technical manuals, Children's Books, Brochures, Legal Papers, Advertising Flyers, E-Books, Print-On-Demand or Conventional Publishing.

We offer assistance for publishing your book with companies such as Trafford, CreateSpace, BookSurge, Author House, Bookmasters, and many others, or we will help you find an agent or publisher

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